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5 Folks The $1,100 Idris Elba Doll Actually Looks Like (Video)

Get the scoop on the Idris Elba doll that has the internet buzzing and see 5 people we think the doll resembles more than the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Idris Elba Doll

The internet is having a field day with an Emperis Doll that is supposed to be Idris Elba, but it looks like everyone but him!

The British company tried the Sexiest Man Alive‘s entire life and disrespected the hell out of him with this $1,100 doll that has been removed from their website.

The verdict is still out on whether the doll sold out or they snatched it down after getting dragged.

Idris Elba Doll


Let’s talk about five people this doll resembles more than Idris!



What are your thoughts on this foolishness?

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