Netflix proudly announced that 45,037,125 accounts have watched their new thriller, “Bird Box,” in 7 days – setting a new record for the streaming service.

I’m sure it’s even more viewers than that if you multiply the number of accounts by the 5 people sharing one login.

The film about an apocalyptic world where people have to remain blindfolded to avoid an evil entity that makes them commit suicide has taken social media by storm and sparked a lot of debates and dialogue.

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Bird Box” stars Lil Rel Howery and Trevante Rhodes took to social media to react to the exciting news!

Rel wrote:

Wow thank y’all so so so so much this is huge and only the beginning I pray that this type of support leak into all of my tv and films… I try my best to pick projects that are dope to me… This is one of them….

Thanks again 2018 is ending with a bang!!! #BirdBoxMovie #NETFLIX#GREATPRODUCTION #GREATCAST#DOPEFILM

Trevante wrote:

BIGBlessons. BIGGESTLove.
ThankYou foreverever!

Congrats! I loved the film.

How about you?