3-Year-Old Ayden Brown Passes Away After Battle With Cancer (Video)

Ayden Brown Passes Away

I am completely heartbroken as I report 3-year-old Ayden Brown has passed away after battling stage 4 lung cancer.

Ayden’s mother, Lindsey Licari, shared the devastating news via social media as thousands had been supporting and following Ayden’s fight.

In a Facebook Live video Lindsey said:

Today, I lost my son. In this world, there was not one doctor, one person that could offer my son any options at all. And he aspirated and stopped breathing. And I tried to do CPR and bring Ayden back. But I wasn’t able to. And they tried again, the hospital six times. And even when I saw lines straight, I still knew God could still help him. But Ayden’s body couldn’t take anymore.

So today, I lost Ayden because we live in a world that doesn’t prepare for child cancer. And I am broken in so many ways. But they messed with the wrong mom and the wrong kid. Childhood cancer will never be the same now after Ayden. And I will never stop. I will never stop, until you guys stop letting these kids die. Because my son fought to live. He fought his whole life. He fought his whole life to live. And you filled him with poison until his organs couldn’t take it anymore and his body fell apart.

So you think they took my son and it’s not going to change something about cancer? Then you’re wrong. Because that little boy was my entire life. He was my entire life. And I had to watch my son dwindle away in front of my face and there was nothing I could do about it. There was nothing I could do about it no matter how much help I could get my son. No matter who I called, there was nothing I could do. But I knew if this disease was going to take Ayden, everybody in the world would know who my son is.

Everybody will know Ayden Setoshi Brown. He was three years old. He could tell you every planet in the solar system. He was phenomenally smart and he loved me so much and I loved him too. He didn’t deserve to die. These kids don’t deserve to die. And if I can do anything in my power, I will make sure that no mother feels how I feel today and have to put their kid in a bag.

Via Fox5 Las Vegas:

In Aug., FOX5 first shared the story of Ayden Brown and it captured national attention, and donations on a GoFundMe page reached $258,840 as of Nov. 3 to cover his medical expenses.

Ayden was treated in Arizona when doctors gave him three weeks to live, but he fought and surpassed that number.

“We were told that his tumors had progressed so far that it was pushing against his heart which was building fluid and no longer made him a candidate for any trial or surgery or radiation,” Licari said in late Oct..

Licari and Ayden moved back to Las Vegas and she started researching holistic and herbal medicine.

“Help poured in from every way you can think of and we got help from a herbal doctor as well as other moms who’ve gone through this,” Licari had said.

The financial support from the community paid for all their expenses in Arizona, medical equipment in their home, appointments and much more, she said.

 “To have the resources that were made available to us, it made it easier, and now we can pay our rent. I can stay with Ayden,” she had said.

Licari said she felt called to help other families going through the same thing.

“Ayden is a bad case and he’s been amazingly blessed with support and love but there’s a lot of families besides me and Ayden too that are out there suffering and don’t have a voice and don’t have resources. At least your necessities should not be a worry while you fight for your kids,” she said.

To read more about Ayden’s journey and learn more about the foundation in Ayden’s name, go to

PLEASE keep Ayden’s family in your prayers.

No parent should ever have to bury their child.

Dance with angels, Ayden.

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