Devastating news coming out of New Orleans…

The body of a 25-year-old truck driver was found in her tractor-trailer rig in New Orleans and her family wants answers and justice.

Karmeshia Thomas‘ truck sat on the lot for three days, which should have alerted someone considering drivers receive citations when they don’t pay daily.

It wasn’t until the trucking company Karmeshia works for and her worried mother, Joyce Thomas, contacted the Mardi Gras Truck Stop seeking a welfare check on her daughter.


The truck stop’s manager, who doesn’t want to be identified, found the body after Karmeshia’s company called to check on her.

“When I came out we banged on the window, didn’t get an answer, but we saw a lot of flies.” the manager says.

Thomas wanted answers and says she called the coroner, who told her the body had been in the truck for more than a day.

She claims her daughter hadn’t paid for her parking spot since Sunday and wonders why no one checked on her sooner.

“I don’t have the answers that I would like to have for her (Joyce Thomas) because I don’t know what happened to her (Karmeshia Thomas),” the manager says.

Truck stop workers told Ms. Joyce that Karmeshia’s body was covered in blood when she was found.

However, her cause of death is still under investigation and it’s unknown if authorities are treating her death as a homicide.

Thomas suspects foul play, but doesn’t know why anyone would hurt her daughter.

If anyone knows anything about what happened to Karmeshia Thomas, please contact the police to help her family get answers and justice!


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