21 Bridges Review

21 Bridges opened strong at the box office with a $9.3 million debut.

The film starring Chadwick Boseman took the no. 4 spot at the box office behind Disney’s giant, Frozen II, 20th Century Fox’s Ford v. Ferrari, and Sony’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Read our review of 21 Bridges written by our resident movie guru, B. Gunn. 

'21 Bridges' Trailer Starring Chadwick Boseman

’21 Bridges’ Review Written By B. Gunn

Listen, I don’t know about you, but if one bridge in my city is closed, traffic will be backed up worse than a 40-year-old virgin eating government cheese.

In the new movie “21 Bridges”, Chadwick Boseman has the bright idea to close almost two dozen of them – in Manhattan! If anyone on that island is on their 3rd write-up at their job, UPS is hiring.

“21 Bridges” stars Boseman, Stephan James, J.K. Simmons, and Sienna Miller.

There’s been a murder! The NYPD is in a state of shock. Detective Andre Davis, known for hunting down and killing “cop killers” – all justifiable, however – is assigned to the case.

In an effort to prevent the criminals from getting away, he concocts a plan to shut down the entire city of Manhattan, but what starts out as a homicide investigation leads Davis down a road of events larger than New York City potholes. 

There is an abundance of talent in this movie. The entire cast provides excellent acting, even down to the extras’ performances. Boseman doesn’t rely on special effects and his action scenes are naturally exciting. He looks like a highly trained veteran cop rather than some larger-than-life action hero.

Simmons embodies a 30 year-plus version of an officer. He reminds you of those police chiefs you see on TV when they’re giving press conferences – detailed and stern. Both characters approach their jobs differently and it’s entertaining to see how they co-exist.

“21 Bridges” is heavy on action. I’m talking bullets flying, people dying, criminals lying, and side-eyeing! I guarantee you’ll become immersed in the high-octane atmosphere, and I’m afraid that’s what the director is praying for. 

The plot of “21 Bridges” is as shaky as the Mile High Swinging Bridge in North Carolina. It follows one formula then we receive more information which is meant to be the plot-twist. However, it’s poorly executed. Instead of bolstering the storyline, we end up with two totally different plots, leaving us to ultimately choose which one was best.

There are scenes that don’t add any value to the movie. For instance, there’s a tender scene involving Andre and his mother which I was thinking would be important later, but it was never revisited. The protagonist’s uncovering of evidence is too easy. It’s also predictable, especially when it comes to the pairing of Boseman and Miller.

Once the “plot-twist” is revealed, oh, it’s quite evident what’s going to happen. Boseman is an A-list actor with superior talent, but he’s yet to get that role that separates him from King T’Challa. “21 Bridges” ain’t it. The movie does give you just enough exhilaration to keep you occupied, and distracted from the other missteps, so I’m giving it a strong Morning/Midday Co-sign.

Fortunately, it doesn’t burn any bridges, and the action serves as a bridge over troubled water. 

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