About 50 People Dead, 53 Injured In Shooting At Gay Pulse Nightclub In Orlando

Pulse nightclub shooting


About 50 People Dead, 53 Injured In Shooting At Gay Pulse Nightclub In Orlando


More tragic news coming out of Orlando.

A day after “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed during an autograph session, a massive shooting has taken place at a gay nightclub early Sunday morning in what police are calling an act of terrorism.

50 people were killed and 53 were injured when a gunman took people hostage overnight inside Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando.

Police killed the “lone wolf” gunman, who was carrying an assault rifle, a handgun, and had an explosive “device” strapped to him.

Via the LA Times:

The FBI is assisting with the investigation. Agents say they cannot rule this out as an act of domestic terrorism and that the suspect, who is not from Orlando, may have leanings toward extreme ideologies.

Witnesses said they heard at least 40 shots fired inside the popular gay club and estimated that at least 20 people had been shot.

Police reported just before 6 a.m. that the shooter inside the club was dead. Mina said his officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect in two shootings. Nine officers were involved in the shooting and one sustained an injury to his head and was saved by his helmet.

Dozens of emergency vehicles surrounded the chaotic scene at the  club at 1912 S. Orange Ave. after the 2 a.m. shooting and rescue squads were transporting multiple victims to area hospitals. 

The Orlando Fire Department called for its bomb squad and hazardous material team to the scene after 3 a.m. Police K-9 dogs are searching the area around nearby Orlando Regional Medical Center with an armed deputy in head-to-toe military gear.

Emergency workers were seen taking victims away from the scene in large trucks–in one case, an emergency worker was doing chest compressions on one of the victims. 

Just after the shooting, Pulse Orlando posted a note to its web page that said “Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running.” The popular gay bar was full of people at the time of the incident.

Pulse Facebook

As the tragedy unfolded, many took to social media with updates and video.

This story is still developing…in the meantime PLEASE keep the victims and the families uplifted in prayers.

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