Two men have been convicted of first-degree murder for planning and executing the revenge killing of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

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Dwright Doty, 22, was convicted on Thursday and Corey Morgan, 31, was convicted on Friday for the 2015 slaying.

The Doty, Morgan, and another member of the Black P. Stone Nation’s Bang Bang Gang, lured Tyshawn away from Dawes Park to an alley and shot him pointblank in the head and left his small body laying on the concrete.

Prosecutors say Tyshawn was targeted and “executed” because his father belonged to a rival gang, Gangster Disciples Killa Ward, who is believed to be responsible for killing Dwright Doty’s brother and wounding his mother.

Corey Morgan’s lawyer claims Doty acted alone and Doty’s attorney blamed Morgan for the killing.

ABC7 Chicago reports:

The getaway driver, Kevin Edwards, pleaded guilty last month in exchange for a 25-year sentence, CNN affiliate WLS-TV reported.

In August, Morgan’s brother, Anthony, was sentenced to four years in prison for buying the gun used to kill Tyshawn Lee.

There will be special rooms in hell for everyone involved in this heinous murder of a child.

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