A 19-year-old Atlanta woman was shot in the head after she allegedly lured a man back to her apartment to set him up for a robbery.

Clayton County Police say Sijeria Parks invited a man back to her Anthos at Chase Ridge home around 9 p.m. on Sunday night with plans to rob him with the help of three other suspects, but the plan went terribly wrong.

Via CBS 46:

Officers believe as it was about to go down, someone in the group pulled out a gun. That’s when police said the man pulled out his own gun and started shooting.

They said Parks was shot in the head while trying to avoid the gunfire.

The man ran away from the scene and called the police. Sijeria, who is reportedly a mother of two, ran to a neighbors house seeking help.

She asked if she had a gunshot wound before collapsing.

The three other suspects took off and have not been found.

As of Wednesday, Sijeria Parks was brain dead and in a coma.

Her mother, Carole Plant, spoke out refuting claims that her daughter was part of a robbery scheme.

I want justice and I’m hurting. Don’t say that my daughter is a suspect because she’s not. She’s a victim.

She’s not the type. That’s not her. She’s not the type to set anybody up to bring them back.

What really happened was he got mad because my daughter had went to school. My daughter did not lure (anyone).

Watch the news report below:

This is such a tragic situation. What do you believe really happened?