14-Year-Old Charged With Murder Of Teen At Brooklyn Playground


A 14-year-old has been arrested and charged for the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old at a Brooklyn playground two weeks ago.

Aaron Nathaniel turned himself into 73rd Precinct stationhouse Wednesday and admitted he opened fire at the Chester Playground in Brownsville.

A stray bullet struck Oluwadurotimi Joseph Oyebola in the head and killing him. Aaron then fled the scene on foot. Several surveillance cameras captured the entire shooting.

Following the shooting, Nathaniel went missing for several days and didn’t come home. His parents cooperated with police during the manhunt.

Via NY Daily News:

Police weren’t entirely certain he was in a gang but they were investigating word that he was going to get an “ops” in the park — gang slang for attacking a member of “the opposition,” a police source said. He hit Oyebola from 150 feet, leading investigators to believe that the older teen wasn’t the intended target.

Oyebola was a churchgoing teen slated to get an academic award from Columbia University in November. He was playing basketball with friends in the park as he waited for a nearby church to open so he could attend an after-school activity when he was slain, family members said.

Judge Craig Walker ordered Aaron Nathaniel to be held without bail.

Two lives lost over senseless violence.

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