14-Year-Old Bresha Meadows Charged With Aggravated Murder After Shooting Her Abusive Father

Bresha Meadows Charged With Aggravated Murder

On July 28, 14-year-old Bresha Meadows took the gun her abusive father had threatened to kill her family with and shot him in the head.

She is now sitting in juvenile detention center in Warren, Ohio, facing charges of aggravated murder, but her mother says she’s a “hero.”

Via the Huffington Post:

“She is my hero,” her sobbing mother, Brandi Meadows, said in an interview with Fox 8 Cleveland. “I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she helped us all.”

In the days since Bresha’s arrest, family members have come forward to describe her father, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows, as a physically and verbally abusive man who terrorized his family and controlled his wife’s every move.

In 2011, Brandi Meadows filed a civil domestic violence protection order against him, writing that she was in fear for her life.

“In the 17 years of our marriage, he has cut me, broke my ribs, fingers, the blood vessels in my hand, my mouth, blackened my eyes. I believe my nose was broken,” she wrote. “If he finds us, I am 100 percent sure he will kill me and the children … My life is like living in a box he created for me, and if I stepped out of that box, he’s there to put me back in that box.”

The protection order was later dismissed at her request and the couple reconciled, a common occurrence in abusive relationships.

Relatives of the deceased have denied claims he was abusive.

Ian Friedman, the attorney representing Bresha, said the teen lived in a perpetual state of fear, spending most of her time in her bedroom to escape the violence.

“She watched her father punch, kick, and stomp her mother,” he said. “That, in and of itself, is traumatic. The kids witnessed their father’s drinking and drug use lead to escalated beatings that would, at times, end with their mother being unconscious.”

The gun Bresha allegedly used to shoot her father was the same gun that he had used to threaten her and her family in the past, he said.

“She lived a life that no child should,” he said. “She took the only step that she could, in her mind, to save her mother’s life and that of her siblings.”

Friedman said he is preparing a packet of information for the prosecution, including records from hospitals and government agencies, which will provide a clearer picture of the abuse going on in the home.

“I trust that once they see that, they will fully understand why this girl acted the way that she did,” he said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to assist with Bresha’s legal costs. Click here for more info.

This poor child will never be the same.

Not only was she subjected to abuse…she now has to deal with taking the life of another human being – her father!

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