14 Tips for Planning a Romantic Trip

It’s hard to find someone, who doesn’t want to travel. We all have our reasons: some want to see ancient Roman temples, while others travel across the Old World just to meet European singles.

And it doesn’t matter whether you go to a neighboring city or to another continent – every trip is a new experience and adventure. But to get the most out of the trip, you need to prepare for it in advance and learn some easy tricks.


Looking for a place to stay

Instead of banal hotels, rent an apartment or house. You can do this on websites like Airbnb, and it costs a bit cheaper while offering more comfortable living conditions than in a hotel.

Create copies of your documents

Scan or take a picture of your passport, driving license, insurance, tickets, and other important documents and send them to your e-mail or save them on the cloud. This way you’ll always have copies available at any time in case you lose these documents.

Check your bank card

If you’re going to use your credit card, make sure it’s serviced in the country you’re traveling to. Notify the bank of the trip, as the security system can block your account once you try to withdraw money from a suspicious place.

Take care of luggage

Label your luggage as fragile. Although this doesn’t give a full guarantee of its safety, there’s still a chance that it will be treated with greater care.

On the road

Take some water with you

Have a bottle of water with you. Although the policies of different airlines regarding the amount of fluid available to transport can vary, it’s still better to be able to quench your thirst at any time, rather than wait until drinks are served.

Take all the necessary things on a plane

On the road, it’s very convenient to use waist purses. Maybe they don’t look stylish, but there’s no better way to keep your documents, tickets, phone, keys, and even a compact camera handy and be completely sure that you won’t lose them. Also, make sure that you have a pen with you. If you have to fill out any documents on the border, this can greatly speed up the procedure. Oh, and take something to entertain yourself. A good book, game, or movie can brighten up even the most tiring trip.

Take care of natural needs

Going to the toilet 20-30 minutes before landing will be a nice idea. Give yourself the opportunity to quietly enjoy new experiences instead of desperately looking for a water closet.

Upon arrival

Don’t withdraw money right away

As for currency exchange, it’s better to find an ATM and withdraw cash from your card in local currency. Exchange offices in airports and train stations often have the most unprofitable rate in the country.

Go shopping

Visit local grocery stores. You don’t need to buy a bunch of products for a multi-course dinner, but even a few simple snacks and a bottle of water can save you some money compared to the prices at the hotel.

When on a trip

Use the language of the country you visit as often as you can

This will not only help you boost your language skills but also make it easier to establish contact with locals. People appreciate when foreigners try to speak their language.

Don’t withdraw money too often

Usually, the commission for withdrawing money from ATMs varies between 1.5 – 2.5 percent and depends on the amount of money you withdraw, so it’s better to withdraw cash less often but in larger amounts.

Eat only local food

You can enjoy the wonderful McDonalds cuisine at home.

Explore the country yourself

Don’t be afraid to leave your guide and look for interesting things away from well-known tourist spots. Sometimes spontaneous impressions you get this way can be much brighter and more memorable than when storming through the crowds of people in the most popular places.

Enjoy your trip!

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