Ebony Merritt Vows Revenge

Ebony Merritt Vows Revenge

Jamoneisha’s mother, Ebony Merritt, is understandably furious about what has happened to her daughter and has vowed to get revenge for it.

Shernett Panton claims Ebony choked Aniya and punched her 15-year-old sister in the face after the incident.

Panton says Ebony Merritt showed back up outside of their home screaming and threatening them.

“I’m going to cut your face, you fking bch!” Merritt screamed at Panton. “I’m going to burn your f**king house down! You let this happen to my daughter!”

“You wanted her to burn so she’d look like an ugly b**ch like you,” Merritt screamed.

The good news is Jamoneisha, who suffered second-degree burns on her shoulders and face, is still hospitalized, but the prognosis is good, according to her mother.

What a terrible situation and while I know kids sometimes do the dumbest things – at 12-year-old you are fully aware (or at least I would think) that you know that throwing boiling water is NOT a prank in any way, shape, or form!

I’m praying for everyone involved in this terrible situation.

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