12-Year-Old Who Threw Boiling Water At A Sleepover Attempts Suicide, Victim’s Mother Vows To Get Revenge

Girl Who Threw Boiling Water At Slumber Party Attempts Suicide

The 12-year-old girl who threw boiling water on another child at a slumber party has tried to commit suicide.

Shernett Panton says her daughter, Aniya Grant Stuart, wasn’t beefing or bullying Jamoneisha Merritt at the sleepover.

“They always prank each other,” Panton said. “My daughter was sleeping and Jamoni poured cold water on Aniya. My daughter was like, ‘OK, if you’re gonna do a prank on me, I’m gonna prank you back.’

“But my daughter — I don’t know what she was thinking — boiled hot water and poured it on Jamoni’s face.”

Panton says she was awakened by Jamoneisha’s screams after the water was thrown on her. They quickly put cold water on her face and called 911.

Aniya felt so terrible about what she’d done to her friend that she attempted suicide by trying to stab herself with a knife.

She was placed under suicide watch at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center.

“What she did was really wrong, but it’s too much right now,” said Panton, 34. “My daughter is 12. Everybody makes mistakes.”

Aniya has been charged with assault in family court.

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