12 Things We Know About Usher’s Accusers

Usher‘s world was turned upside down after Radar Online got the drop on an old $1 million settlement he paid a woman he allegedly infected with Herpes.

It didn’t take long before the floodgates opened with more accusers and another multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Below you’ll find 12 things we know about Usher’s accusers.

Laura Helm
  1. The woman filed a $20 million lawsuit has been identified as Laura Helm, a New Orleans Jazz singer.
  2. Laura claims to have had 2 sexual encounters with Usher.
  3. The second encounter on April 16, 2016 was unprotected.
  4. During the second encounter the R&B star played Jazz music while going “downtown.”
  5. Days after the second encounter, Laura discovered a bump on her cheek and vagina.
  6. Laura delivered stillborn twins and believes Herpes caused it.
  7. Laura had sex with Usher in April, she tested positive for Herpes in July.
  8. Laura claims she was platonic friends with Usher and he wooed her with stories about his humanitarianism.
  9. Laura filed court docs accusing Usher of hiding his assets to avoid paying her.
  10. One of Usher’s accusers is a male.
  11. The male accuser, who has not been identified, claims he a sexual encounter with the superstar at a Koreatown Spa in Los Angeles.
  12. Both accusers claim Usher did not disclose his alleged Herpes diagnosis.

Usher has asked a judge to toss Laura’s case stating that she assumed the risk of a sexually transmitted disease by having “casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and/or oral sex.”

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