Q. Parker DNA test for love child

112 Singer Q. Parker Granted DNA Test For Alleged Love Child

Q. Parker has been granted a DNA test to establish paternity for his alleged 11-year-old lovechild.

The 112 singer stepped out on his wife, Sharlinda, with a woman named Leah Steele Barnett, who gave birth to a boy named Josiah Barnett.

In court documents, Q., born Quinnes Parker, claims Leah manipulated him through “acts of fraud and duress” into a child support agreement by threatening to tell his wife about their affair.

In addition to establishing paternity, Q. is also seeking a reduction in their original child support shakedown.

Here’s the scoop via Bossip:

Besides questioning whether the baby was his, Q also filed a petition in court to drastically reduce the amount of monthly child support that he is required to pay. If he is indeed Josiah’s dad, he wants the child support amount dropped from $2,250 a month to $309.27. Q argued in court papers obtained by BOSSIP that he can’t afford the current child support amount because his income had gone way down. Q claimed in court docs that he now makes $2,500 each month, while his alleged baby mama Steele Barnett was now bringing in more than $8,000. He argued that if he is the father, Steele Barnett should start paying $1,030 a month towards Josiah’s upkeep.

Q’s spokeswoman said the singer and his family had been dealing with his infidelity and his alleged love child for several years, and have gotten through it with the help of their pastor.

“It is unfortunate that the other party is attempting to publicly shame a man who has not only been compliant in working toward mutual resolve, but more importantly, has been dedicated to rebuilding his family through faith and respectfully turning this situation into an opportunity to teach young men the value of family, fatherhood and discipline,” Q’s spokeswoman told BOSSIP in a statement.

She added: “As Q and his wife continue to strengthen their union, family and business, we refuse to let this very private matter inflict anymore pain than it already has on their family and ask that you respect their privacy. Any legal matters associated with this situation will be dealt with through the proper legal channels.”

What’s done in the dark always comes to light.

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