Tiny Harris on Wendy Show

Tiny Harris On The ‘Wendy Show’

Tiny Harris stopped by the “Wendy Show” on Thursday and it was definitely a mid-morning tea party.

The “Family Hustle” star engaged in a no holds barred convo about her split from T.I., beefing with Bernice Burgos, dancing with Floyd Mayweather, where she stands with Tamar Braxton and more.

Below I’ve you’ll find 10 Tea-Sipping quotes from the interview.

On doing reality TV:

I think reality TV did put a little strain in it [her marriage] just because it keeps people in your business. I felt like it’s a family show so it would be cool, but it just seems like everything just turns out to be in the media.

On her split from T.I.:

We just cannot keep it together. I guess it’s just…the entertainment life and everything – it’s just a lot. It is a fast life. They call him [T.I.] a sex symbol. I guess…

On Bernice Burgos:

There’s nothing to it. It’s just what he does.

He’s not even with her…first of all. She had nothing to do with whatever was going with us before anyway. We were already going through whatever we were going through. 

She just came in the picture after I filed for a divorce and the only problem I had with her was….somebody made a comment about her on my page – I said what I said.

She replied…that’s cool. But, then you come back another video speaking on my marriage – which is a No No.

And then you come back with the final video singing my song and I’m feeling like, ‘Okay…now you keep coming.’

On addressing T.I. about Bernice:

First of all…I stepped to him like, ‘Uh…don’t she know her place?’ She’s supposed to be quiet. Every woman that’s not ‘the one’ knows that you’re supposed to be quiet.

On having an open marriage:

No. We don’t have anything now. There was no agreement. We were just married and we did what we wanted to do.

On dancing Floyd Mayweather:

I was not up on him. Actually, I was already dancing and he was like…you know.

We’re friends. There’s never been anything extra with me and Floyd. Never. But, I’ve been knowing Floyd for a long time. I mean, he’s a nice looking man. But, it’s never been anything but a friendship. 

On T.I.’s reaction to the Floyd video:

Well, first of all I was in L.A. and I was at somebody else’s house. I was at Mariah’s party. I wasn’t at a Floyd event. 

And honestly…if he would have been doing the right thing I wouldn’t have been at Mariah’s party!

On Tamar Braxton:

I mean…I’m always going to consider Tamar a good friend of mine. She’s like family. 

On Mama Dianne coming for Tamar:

I can’t stop my mom from doing crazy things. But, she didn’t mean to be like, ‘Oh, Tamar…you’re nothing.’ 

We love Tamar, she loves Tamar…she was just saying because we haven’t been speaking. That’s all. 

On Xscape:

Those are my girls. Right now, we’re not really focusing on new music because I think what everybody loves and what they want to hear is the old music. 

Watch the full interview below.


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