Tariq - Power Season 4

10. Tariq Avenges Raina’s Death

Once again, the “Power” writers threw a money-wrench at us. After Raina was killed we all expected Ghost and Tommy to team up and go ham, bologna, and cheese until they erased the existences of anyone they even thought had a hand in baby girl’s demise…and they did.

But, it was Tariq aka “Lean wit it,” who got the job done. Ghost’s only son got the drop on Ray Ray and lodged a bullet in his head on behalf of his twin sister.

Tariq is officially a chip off of the old block and now has blood on his hands…despite washing them with peroxide.

Even though he avenged Raina’s death…he still can’t come to the barbecue.

What are your most shocking moments from “Power” season 4?

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