Jukebox - Power Season 4

5. Jukebox Gets Canceled By Kanan

It’s family over everything until you realize your family may ruin everything. Jukebox was a cold piece of work, patna! What she says goes and you have two options – get down or lay down.

She was determined to cash in on Tariq St. Patrick – dead or alive. After kidnapping the lean-sipping misfit, she was ready to punch Tariq’s card when Kanan popped up with Ghost and she realized her cousin had switched up on her.

Surprisingly, Kanan canceled Jukebox like Christmas to save Tariq’s life. Who knew he had a heart?


Holly Uncle - Power season 4

6. The Death Of Chester The Molester

When Tommy took a detour to Cleveland to look at a house, I thought he was finding a new stash house or a safe house depending on how things played out back in NYC.

I had no idea white chocolate was on a vigilante mission to send Holly’s POS uncle, who molested her as a child, to the crossroads.

When he told Tommy, “She wanted it, and I gave it to her, ” I KNEW he was going to be unrecognizable when he met his maker.

Welp… *shrugs*


Tasha - Terry Silver - Power Season 4
Myles Aronowitz | Starz

7. Tasha’s Affair With Ghost’s Attorney

Listen Linda! I understand Tasha is a scorned woman who wants to be loved, wanted, and needed – but Terry Silver, bih?!?

The first time Tasha hit Ghost’s attorney with the “Do You Want To” eyes and a lingering hug…we all knew he’d be doing push-ups in her nether region by the next episode.

Don’t look at me like that. Y’all know Tasha got tendencies….

But, Sis…you’re supposed to upgrade.


Tommy Dad - Power Season 4

8. Tommy’s Pops

When it comes to grown ass Tommy Egan, Tony Teresi, you ARE the father!

After 4 seasons, we learned Tommy’s pops isn’t dead. He’s just in the clink doing a life bid.

Now that it’s clear where Tommy gets his appetite for the grimy life…I need someone to explain where he gets his good looks cause….

My spidey senses are telling me this father/son reunion isn’t going to end well.


Raina St. Patrick's death - Power season 4

9. Raina’s Death

The moment none of us could have prepared for was when Raina St. Patrick got her heavenly wings.

The sweetest, purest, and most innocent member of the St. Patrick family (aside from baby girl who barely talks or gets screen time) was killed in cold blood trying to protect her wayward twin brother.

Sometimes it’s better to pray for folks than to get up in their business.

RIP Raina.

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