‘Power’ Season 4

It’s officially a wrap for “Power” season 4 and the St. Patrick family will never be the same.

From Ghost becoming Prison Bae on trumped up charges to the tragic loss of Raina St. Patrick – there was no shortage of pearl-clutching moments this season thanks to Courtney Kemp and her crew of writers.

Walk with me as recap 10 pearl-clutching, gasp-worthy, rewind the DVR, scream at your TV moments from “Power” season 4.

1. Ghost Kills Prison Guard

Nooooo. He wasn’t ready…and neither was I! The way Ghost bashed Marshal Clyde Williams brains in with that weight set the stage for just how brutal season 4 of “Power” was going to be. While the killing was gruesome…ole boy had it coming.

The scene was especially hard to watch being as though many of us are still mourning Charlie’s passing. RIP Charlie Murphy! (Rick James voice)

2. Keisha Plays In The Snow With Tommy

For a minute, LaKeisha Grant’s fate hung in the balance. We didn’t know if ole girl was dead or alive. Turns out, Tommy was hiding her out until the coast was clear.

It was only a matter of time before the salon-owning damsel in distress would buss it wide open for her white knight in a shining black hoodie.

Keisha and Tommy went at it so hard and good, that Lala had to remind her fans she was only acting. Whew! I ain’t mad at her for playing in that snow.

3. Julio’s Death

Loyalty…loyalty…loyaltyyyyyyy! *pours out a lil Ciroc*

When Dre set up Julio to be killed by the Toros Locos, it was the moment he booked his eternal penthouse suite in hell.

The look on Julio’s face the moment he realized he had fallen for the okie doke broke my heart. But, one thing is for sure, his loyal heart ain’t pump no Kool-aid! Homie fought until he couldn’t fight anymore. The tattoo removal was just insult to injury.

Julio was too fine to die like that, mane.

4. Angela Valdez Blows The Whistle

Ghost would have been facing a life sentence or even the death penalty if Angela hadn’t blown the whistle on the prosecution’s misconduct and bias against James.

It was a potentially career-ending move, but that’s the least she could have done for locking up her former lover for a crime he didn’t commit. TUH!

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