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YouTuber Adam Selah Kicked Off Of Delta Flight For Speaking Arabic To His Mother (Video) #BoycottDelta

Adam Selah kicked off Delta flight

I am officially sick and tired of Delta Airlines!

A week after video surfaced of a black woman being dragged off of a flight, they’ve booted YouTuber Adam Selah off of a flight after she spoke to his mother in Arabic on the phone.

Why? Because the white passengers on the flight said they “feel uncomfortable” with him being on the plane.

As Adam was being removed from the plane some white passengers waved and yelled, “Bye!”

See video of the disgusting moment below.


Adam kept his fans in the loop about what transpired after he was removed from his flight.


Is this is the definition of making America great again?!?!

#BoycottDelta is now trending on social media.

Peep the tweets on page 2.

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