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Will Packer On Why He Hasn’t Responded To Mo’Nique: ‘I Will Not Publicly Degrade A Black Woman’

Will Packer breaks his silence on why he hasn’t responded to Mo’Nique’s allegations against him. Get the scoop.

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Many people have been wondering why movie producer Will Packer has remained silent while Mo’Nique compares him to Harvey Weinstein and publicly drags in him in interviews.

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On Saturday, the Girls Trip producer briefly addressed it while piggybacking a tweet from Charlamagne.

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Will said Mo’Nique’s remarks about him are slanderous, but he refuses to publicly degrade a black women – ESPECIALLY while Trump is in office.

He also told folks to take notice how those in Black Hollywood have remained dead silent on Mo’Nique’s accusations and allegations.

See the tweet below.

Will Packer - Mo'Nique

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  1. Clearly says

    Charlamagne made himself look like a fool in that interview. As monique said, do your research!

  2. Candice says

    Monique clearly showed how difficult she is in that interview. Charlemagne started the conversation with questions and as the interview progressed and he did not conform to her beliefs she then became nasty and demeaning. Just because you say things in a soft tone and end every sentence with “my love” does not mean she is not being mean.

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