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Vivica Fox Reminisces On Dating 50 Cent & Says She Would Go Back To Him: ‘He Was So Romantic’ (Video)

Vivica Fox Says She Would Date 50 Cent Again


Vivica Fox Says She Would Date 50 Cent Again

Vivica Fox reminisced on dating 50 Cent during a recent visit to TV One’s “Sister Circle” talk show.

The actress gushed as she recalled how romantic and old fashioned the “Power” star was.

Viv went on to say during their relationship, she was trying to match 50 Cent’s success and ambition when he only wanted to take care of her.

He was young and it was new…

I was at a new part of my career as well and he was just so romantic and so kind. He’s very old fashioned.

I wish I knew now how to treat a man like that than what I knew then.

Because I thought when we were dating younger that he wanted a partner and what he really wanted was to take care of me.

When the ladies asked her if she would go back to him, Vivica Fox didn’t hesitate, stumble or tarry when she responded, “Sure.”

Watch below.


Do you think Vivica and 50 Cent should give it another try?

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