VIDEO: Wendy Williams Burst Into Tears After On-Air Health Scare

Wendy Williams cries after health scare

Talk show host, Wendy Williams burst into tears in her “After Show” YouTube series following an on-air medical scare.

During her Hot Topics segment of the show, Wendy began to stutter uncontrollably. She revealed while sobbing, “I started to feel weird. Weird like if I hadn’t eaten breakfast…I would say ‘because I’m hungry’ but I started to feel weird out there. It’s the first time it’s ever happened.”

Wendy Williams went on to say she began to question whether she was having a stroke (live on television). “I’m a pretty clean talker. That stuttering you know, it happens once, it happens twice. But, after a few times I’m looking at me like ‘what are you having a stroke?’”

Watch below as Wendy explains.


One of the low key signs and symptoms of a stroke is trouble with speaking or understanding. Doctors describe it as feeling temporarily “stuck.” So, I understand why Wendy may have been so shook up.

The good news is she’s headed to the doctors to get a check up to ensure everything is okay.

Photo: YouTube