Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Files For Order Of Protection, Says He Abused Daughter


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Tyrese Accused Of Abusing His Daughter

Tyrese‘s ex-wife, Norma Gibson, has filed for an order of protection claiming he beat their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, so badly that she was unable to sit down.

Here’s the scoop via The Blast:

Norma Gibson claims on August 19, while their 10-year-old daughter was staying with the actor, he allegedly “went into a rage, pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other.”

She claims the fight started after Tyrese accused his daughter of “stealing her own piggy bank money that she received for her birthday.”

Norma claims the child was beaten again several times after she “begged for mercy, ” and screamed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please stop! You’re hurting me!”

She says their daughter later told her, “mum, dad beat me so hard that it hurts when I sit down.”

Tyrese’s former wife also says she fears the actor may abduct their kid to Dubai, where he frequently visits, which would prevent her from bringing their “daughter home from a Muslim country.” She claims he has significant influence and power with the royals in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

10 days after he allegedly abused Shayla, Tyrese posted a message on Instagram about being emotional when it’s time for her to go back home.

1 day at a time as I recover it's always emotional when you send your little one home but it's school time…….. we've spent another 3 weeks together – part 2 of extended daddy daughter summer breaks! The start of 4th grade and I just wanted all the parents to know our little ones are angels having 2 surgeries in 4 days and my wife also having a surgery ( who's a real trooper and GEM of a lady )…. my little one to been by our side smiling, massaging my head and feet, making me soup and just wanting to keep my spirits up was like felt like I had an angel with me everyday………… Safe travels back to LA my angel I will see you soon as I can get to you………. #DaddysAngel family and health crises develop character, puts things into perspective and takes family bonding with your little ones into new heights…….. #GodBlessOurLittleAngels may the lord extend his love over your mind and spirit….

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When the news of the abuse allegations and order of protection made headlines, the Fast 8 actor took to social media and penned a lengthy (and shady) letter to his ex-wife accusing her of retaliating against him with false accusations because she’s bitter about him remarrying.

All I wanna do is co/parent nothing else…… Please…. Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt…… I've only prayed that your heart heals and we live our lives separately and peacefully on behalf of our daughter…… There's someone out here for everybody – Norma I know you can see this, I'm sorry I got re-married, I'm sorry we didn't work out I'm sorry you haven't been able to find another man since we separated…… Sometimes you get married and have kids and things just don't work out, but I have NEVER wished harm on you……. I was hoping by now you got over what we used to be… Being bitter, resentful and just felt out mean will has never been good for our daughter …. But I see the attacks just won't stop so I believe this too will pass and God and the courts will reveal the truth….. I want you to know I still love you and wish you the best in all that you're looking to do… I just simply wanna co-parent and raise Shayla to be a respectful, decent, smart angel that I know she is… Paint your picture but God knows the truth…… if I was a bad dad I wouldn't of went from 80/20 to 70/30 to 60/40 to 50/50 custody in my favor…… All of the honorable fathers and parents out here keep fighting the good fight you may embarrassed at times but in the end the kids will always run into the arms of the ones who really has their backs in a great father not because I'm famous with money but because I am – that's my story and I'm sticking to it…. More truths coming soon……. Child custody family issues are the worst…….

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