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Tyrese Apologizes For His ‘Approach’ When Addressing Women With Weaves, Implants, & Injections (Video)

Tyrese clarifies his remarks about women with weaves, implants, and injections and apologizes for his approach. Get the scoop.

Tyrese apologizes for his remarks about women

Tyrese Clarifies His Remarks About Women

Tyrese and his Fate of the Furious co-star Ludacris stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Monday.

The actor and singer has found himself sitting in a recliner at the top of folks’ Sh*t Lists” for his unsolicited and often asinine remarks.

Most recently, Tyrese came under fire for his Instagram sermon aimed at women with weaves, implants, and injections, where he said they looked like “manufactured clowns.”

You can get the scoop on that here.

In hindsight, Tyrese says he apologizes for his approach because his intentions were not to demean or belittle women.

Watch the clip below.


During the interview, Tyrese goes on to kill the myth that he prefers non-black women and explains why he felt it was necessary to address his wife was a “Black Queen” (after doing an ancestry test).


Watch the full interview below.


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