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TV SCOOP: 2 Chainz Debates Nancy Grace Over The Legalization Of Marijuana – Watch Now!

2 Chainz appears on “Nancy Grace” to debate the legalization of marijuana. Watch a clip now.

2 Chainz on Nancy Grace


On Tuesday night, 2 Chainz appeared on “Nancy Grace” for a spirited debate over the legalization of marijuana.

Nancy challenged the rapper’s stance on legalizing pot by showing him various videos of lowlife parents smoking around and giving their small children weed.

Contrary to popular belief, 2 Chainz is very intelligent and he handled Nancy’s extreme shenanigans and aggressive dialogue extremely well.

Watch a clip below.



Watch on YouTube:

Following the show, the “FEDS Watching” rapper shared a photo above of himself and Nancy with the caption, “We still cool! That was a great debate thanks Nancy…Bill o Reilly U up next! #TRUsday #TRUjackcity


Photo: Instagram

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