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The Braxton Sisters Say They’ll Talk About Vince Just Like Tamar Talked About Their Relationships (Video)

Trina Braxton, Towonda Braxton and Traci Braxton said they will talk about Vince on ‘Braxton Family Values’ just like Tamar talked about their relationships.

Traci Braxton, Towonda Braxton, Trina Braxton - Tamar Braxton - Braxton Family Values

First the Norwoods, now the Braxtons…

Tamar Braxton is reportedly feeling some type of way about how her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, is being portrayed on the new season of “Braxton Family Values,” so she’s refusing to promote the show.

Well…one Braxton don’t stop no show! Trina Braxton, Towonda Braxton and Traci Braxton told TMZ their baby sister never held her opinions and commentary on their relationships…so they won’t hold back on Tamar’s marriage drama!

Trina also noted it was Tamar who aired her own dirty laundry on social media.

Watch below.



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