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#TBT Remember When Anais Of ‘LHHNY’ Was Pregnant By A Transsexual On ‘Jerry Springer?’ (Video)

Love & Hip Hop - Anais - Jerry Springer

If “Love & Hip Hop” newbie Anais looks familiar it’s because you probably saw her in “Jerry Springer” ages ago as a young woman who was pregnant by a transsexual.

The Internet Task Force dug up the old clip in the archives of YouTube and Anais confirmed that it was indeed her.

Watch the magical TV moment below.



Turns out the transsexual in the clip is really Anais’ cousin, Nikoleta, they were on the showing doing the absolute most in hopes of gaining talk show fame…you know, before reality TV became the new lane for instant fame.

Anais - Jerry Springer

Below is a photo of Anais and her cousin, who played her transsexual homie/lover/friend, who got her pregnant on “Jerry Springer.” (LORDT!)


Anais - Jerry Springer
Via @loveandhiphoptea4u


Folks will do anything chasing fame…

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