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Tami Roman Grabs Her Bonnet & Encourages Cardi B To Admit She’s Pregnant (Video)

Tami Roman grabs her bonnet and encourages Cardi B to admit she’s pregnant. Get the scoop and see video.

Tami Roman - Cardi B pregnant


All eyes are on Cardi B‘s abdomen as pregnancy rumors continue to follow her like a shadow.

Despite trying to explain her pudge away and blaming it on her healthy appetite, some folks, like Tami Roman, are convinced she’s secretly carrying a little Offset in her oven.

Tami grabbed her bonnet, hopped on social media and encouraged Cardi to spill the tea on her alleged fetus.

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Watch below.



Does Cardi look pregnant to you?


Well, I’m sure if Cardi B is pregnant…she will let us know when she’s ready.

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