PICS: What Happened To Steve Francis?

Steve Francis 2014-1


Photos of former NBA star Steve Francis have surfaced online from an event he attended in Luizhou (China) and he’s barely recognizable.

Over the past few years, photos of Steve would pop up periodically with him looking progressively worse from pic to pic. But, these recent photos break my heart. He used to be my NBA crush.

Even the Chinese website threw shade at the 37-year-old former baller with the headline: “Horrible! 37-year-old Francis wrinkled old state filling.”

I know there were rumors circulating that Steve has had problems with substance abuse, but I’m starting to wonder if he has an undisclosed health issue that has dramatically altered his appearance. Maybe renal failure. (Yup, I’m in denial.)

See more photos of Steve Francis below. (brace yourself)


Steve Francis 2014


Steve Francis 2014


Steve Francis 2014


If you have one to spare…say a prayer for Steve Francis because something is going on!