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Stephen Belafonte’s Homie/Lover/Nanny Sues Mel B For Defamation

Mel B Sued By Nanny

The nanny, who allegedly had an affair with Stephen Belafonte, got pregnant, and aborted the baby is suing Mel B for defamation.

Lorraine Gilles claim Mel B (real name Melanie Brown) told nothing but hot lies in her divorce declaration against Stephen Belafonte.

Here’s the scoop via TMZ:

TMZ has learned the lawsuit centers on declarations Mel B filed in which she claims Belafonte and Lorraine Gilles told her they had an affair and that Lorraine was pregnant with his child. Mel B also claimed Gilles had an abortion.

Mel B goes on to accuse Gilles and Belafonte of pilfering money from her.

In another declaration, Mel B claims Lorraine has control over her sex tapes and might disseminate them.

There are numerous exhibits and pictures in the lawsuit which Gilles believe will convince a jury Mel B’s allegations are a pack of lies.

It’s interesting … generally a person can’t be sued for what they say in court papers, but there’s an exception in California family law cases when someone makes a claim against 3rd parties who are not involved in the litigation.

Lorraine Gilles is a 3rd party in the divorce case.

What a mess!

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