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Solicitor Scarlett Wilson Announces She Will Retry Michael Slager, Walter Scott’s Mother Reacts To The Mistrial (Video)



Prosecutors say they plan to retry Michael Slager for the shooting death of Walter Scott after his murder trial ended in a mistrial when jurors couldn’t reach a verdict.

On Monday, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson released a statement commending the Scott family for their patience and understanding during this difficult process, she expressed her disappointment in the outcome of the trial, and announced her plans to try Michael Slager again.

Read the Solicitor Wilson’s full statement below.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson statement Michael Slager - Walter Scott

Walter Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, is such a strong woman. She spoke out after the mistrial saying:

Today, I’m not sad and I want you to know why I’m not sad. Because Jesus is on the inside and I know that justice will be served.

Watch her statement below:

I certainly hope they will have a better and more diverse jury the next go around.

Your thoughts?

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