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SNEAK PEEK: ‘Power’ Episode 7 – What’s Going On With Tasha & Ghost’s Attorney?! (Video)

'Power' Episode 7 Sneak Peek

‘Power’ Episode 7 Sneak Peek

Wot eez dis?! I KNEW Ghost’s attorney wasn’t shizznit…with his bald head and beady eyes! (Esther Anderson voice)

Starz has released a sneak peek of episode 7 of “Power” and it looks like Terry Silver is willing and ready to do some pro bono work in the bedroom with Tasha St. Patrick.

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Now, we’re not going to act like Tasha won’t buss it wide open in the back of an SUV, but I certainly hope she won’t go there with no hair.

Watch the clip below to see for yourself!


I don’t trust this fool…Tasha and Ghost better not either!

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