‘R&Beef Divas’ Is Taking A Toll On Nicci Gilbert

Nicci Gilbert - Syleena Johnson-R&B Divas


The dramaticals between Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert has reached brand new heights on season 2 of “R&B Divas” and it’s taking a toll on the Brownstone singer.

Nicci posted a photo on her Instagram account with a caption thanking God and her husband for helping her get through what she calls a “horrible experience.”

I THANK GOD! That he gave me my wonderful husband before this show aired..I couldn’t have made it thru this HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE without HIM.

Apparently, a workout DVD was the straw that broke the camel’s back between Syleena and Nicci.

According to Nicci, she and her crew filmed two workout DVDs for Syleena, but “the backend business wasn’t handled properly” which is code for “Syleena didn’t pay them.”

In return, Nicci refused to sign a release for her appearance in the DVD halting its release. The bad blood between the ladies continues to boil and we’ll see what happens next on Wednesday night.

Photo: Instagram

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