Rick Ross Facing Paternity Suit In Florida

Rick Ross paternity suit

Tyrisha Childers, 36, has filed a paternity suit against rapper Rick Ross in Broward County, Florida claiming he fathered her 3-year-old son.

Childers says Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) has not provided for her 3-year-old son physically or financially since his birth and she’s seeking child support.

According to court documents, Tyrisha is in a serious financial struggle with zero income outside of a monthly disability check she receives. It’s not clear if she or the child has a disability.

Rick Ross adamantly denies he’s the father of Tyrisha’s son and has filed a response to her paternity suit claiming he never slept with her so he couldn’t be the child’s father.

I’m wondering why Tyrisha waited three years before filing a paternity suit if she was sure Rick Ross was the father. I hope she doesn’t end up embarrassing herself. If Rick Ross is indeed the father I hope he steps up and takes care of his responsibility.


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