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REPORT: Fabolous Punched Emily B In Face 7 Times, Knocked Out 2 Of Her Teeth, Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her Family

Fabolous reportedly punched Emily B in the face 7 times, knocking out 2 of her teeth and allegedly threatened to kill her and her family. Get the scoop.

Fabolous punched Emily B in the face 7 times

Details surrounding Fabolous‘ recent arrest for domestic violence and terroristic threats have emerged and it’s even more shocking and disturbing than we thought.

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According to the authorities, the rapper, born John Jackson, was arrested on Wednesday for punching Emily B in the face seven times, knocking out two of her teeth. He was also charged for threatening to shoot her, her father and her brother.


Court documents show the alleged crime stemmed from an earlier incident on March 7, when Jackson while in Los Angeles on a business trip “became enraged” when he found out via Instagram the victim was also in Los Angeles.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, while on a flight back from Los Angeles, the victim told police that Jackson, 40, said via text he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and that he would kill her but he “did not want to go out like that.” The victim told police she was scared because of the March 7 incident. The victim was later punched by Jackson seven times in the face “causing severe damage to her two front teeth.” She ended up losing her two front teeth, according to court documents.

Because of the incident, “the victim called her father to remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her,” according to the affidavit. When Jackson arrived at the Kenwood Street residence, he confronted the victim, her brother, and father, but then went to the upstairs of the residence looking for the handguns which had been removed.

“When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them,” according to court documents.

This is so incredibly sad. I can only imagine what Emily’s children have seen in that house.

Emily B - Fabolous - Family

As I stated in my previous report – this isn’t “new” news.

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  1. Gina says

    Wow. Too many of these clebraties BM & GF are dealing with domestic violence bcuz they’re afraid to be broke or not be in the spot light. That is why it’s important to have your own and have high self esteem so you dnt be afraid to leave a looser.

  2. Monique j says

    She’s been with him for like 15 yrs plus I think it’s past not wanting to be broke

  3. Just Shanele says

    Naw she’s been in an abusive relationship this whole time. She’s been mentally and emotionally broken down with all the cheating and everything. She just wasn’t smart enough to have a plan and make her way out before she became a statistic.

  4. Raw says

    Umm… she has her own money. Domestic violence is deeper than that.

  5. Melissa says

    Wow judge much, do wenot?

  6. Hyyerthought says

    ….. So they aren’t going to give the reason he snapped….. Or we just gone forget that did bit….

  7. Sonya Wright says

    Does it matter? Could there be something she did or said to deserve abuse? Do tell.

  8. Hyyerthought says

    She gave him a life ending disease? All I’m saying is its 3 sides to every story it maps him as bad but neglects to say his side so you can gain the truth from the two.

  9. Nunya says

    Im sorry, didn’t the report clearly state he became enraged when he found out she was in LA?

  10. sky says

    what disease?

  11. Soufside Michael says

    Damn my dude, you got caught in the trap…..

  12. Shannon Young says

    damn what disease?

  13. Hyyerthought says

    There is no disease the person said what’s a reason so I gave them one worth getting your but kicked. All I’m saying is I just want to know his reason for doing what he did from him… . Not a 3rd party gossip source. .. ..before I condemn someone.

  14. Hyyerthought says

    There is no disease the person asked what’s a reason so I gave them one. All I’m saying is I just want to know his reason for doing what he did from him… . Not a 3rd party gossip source.

  15. Hyyerthought says

    But did the report get a interview from him to ask why? Or just give her side of what happened… . Am I wrong for wanting to know why he fell it was the right thing to do at the time. … If he is wrong then he is wrong but I just want to know why.

  16. Ariane Guyton says

    I agree with you! We all witnessed the emotional abuse on LHH, all the crying she did, as if she was waiting for someone to tell her she should leave him.

  17. Kurvy Naturalz says

    So…..after she get her teeth fixed she going right back.

  18. Terrell Marshall-Everson says

    Ima guess she cheated on him or one of them kids aint his or something but she definitely cheated

  19. MT says

    Lets say that is the reason does that excuse the behavior? Punching a woman in the face 7 times to the point of knocking her teeth out and threatening the mother of his kids and her family. Nothing she could have done would make this behavior ok

  20. Nunya says

    Yes, because there is a logical reason to punch and knock out the teeth of the mother of your children. There are no other options

  21. Pamela Smith says

    Reread, they said he got upset bcus he was in L.A. & found out she was there 2

  22. Lashika Phillips says

    They gave the reason he snapped-
    “Court documents show the alleged crime stemmed from an earlier incident on March 7, when Jackson while in Los Angeles on a business trip “became enraged” when he found out via Instagram the victim was also in Los Angeles.”

  23. Quawi Crooks says

    Wrong on many levels if true. Fab’s my dude but there’s just no excuse for trying to harm our women.

  24. Ramel says

    Lock him up, no excuse for hitting a woman….. all that that about being a gangsta and yet you never hear of any altercations with dudes only woman….

  25. Gayle Rivers-Bracy says

    Fabulous if this is true you deserve everything that they throw at you no excuse for hitting a women simply walk away period.

  26. Gayle Rivers-Bracy says

    Lets hope not

  27. DG says

    Hey you never here anything about fab relationship wise or anything extra other than rap life so if this is actually not justified but it has to be serious for him to snap like that a jeopardize his career

  28. Shana Jackson says

    What career @DG? He hasn’t had anything out for a long time and what I don’t understand is why she went back home? Then she has the nerves to involve her family? If this is a recurring situation, she needs to stop involving her family especially if she continues to stay. Speaking from experience, it is best if she removes herself and her children from that environment to a more safer one. Her daughter may grow up to get involved with someone who does the same thing as well as her son’s may grow up to be abuser. We have to remember that children are watching and know exactly what is going on. Also, if this is a continuous cycle, he needs to serve some time and seek help.

  29. Shana Jackson says

    I was thinking the same thing @Kurvy Naturalz

  30. Rashaun Drummer says

    but thats not all of the story , you don’t just snap because you found out they were in the same city you were in……….. this is a incomplete story

  31. Rashaun Drummer says

    nobody wants to hear his saide as you can see………… there is a cause and affect for everything that happens ( not say at all what he did was right) but lets not just condemn just him without hearing the whole stoy

  32. Keekee says

    Forget his career see thats a folks problems fame and fortune ! He’s a woman abuser! and don t respect the kids her where do u start!! Get it together! Don’t sacrifice your life! All for what!

  33. Tezekial Giles says

    MOR division in “our” live show over what some so called celebrities are doing…

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