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Put Some Respeck On Her Name: Gabrielle Union Checks News Site For Calling Her ‘Dwyane Wade’s Wife’


Gabrielle Union took to social media to remind a news website to put some respeck on her name!

WSVN 7 reported a story on how Dwyane Wade and his “wife” donated $200,000 to the March For Your Life gun-control rally set to take place in Washington, D.C. on March 24.

Gabrielle shared the post with the caption, “When they let you know what they think of you. I have a name.”

Gabrielle Union


Dwyane chimed in to add:

Dwyane Wade - Gabrielle Union


After getting dragged through the streets of Twitter, WSVN issued an apology and said they have disciplined the writer:

WSVN - Gabrielle Union


The Wades said….they gone learn tah-day!

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