NEW MUSIC: Jay-Z – ‘Open Letter’

Jay-Z - Open Letter - Swizz Beatz- Timbaland


Last night, Swizz Beatz warned everyone that he, Timbaland, and Jay-Z were in the lab cooking up some fire for the streets and it’s here.

Jay-Z addresses all of the rumors, chatter about his trip to Cuba, his new deal with UMG Worldwide, and selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets in “Open Letter.”

Coming off extremely arrogant and obviously annoyed with his name being dragged in the media, Jay-Z send a warning shot by advising “You gone learn today!”

Clearly, Jay-Z turned his Yankee fitted to the back and reverted back to Shawn Carter from Marcy Projects in “Open Letter” when he threatened to ‘Buy a kilo from Chief Keef. Out of spite, I just might flood these streets.” Jay-Z also added President Obama told him to “chill before you get me impeached.” to which Jay replied, “You don’t need this sh*t anyway. Just chill with me on the beach.”

Jay-Z definitely showed his 43-year-old @$$ on the track produced by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” below.

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