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MR. TRASH YO STAGE: Trey Songz Arrested In Detroit After Destroying Stage & Injuring An Officer (Video)

Trey Songz Arrested In Detroit

“Mr. Steal Yo Girl”…became “Mr. Pay My Bail” after he was arrested in Detroit!

Trey Songz was arrested after he went ham, bologna, and cheese at the end of his set in Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit on Wednesday night.

The R&B singer, born Tremaine Neverson, told concertgoers, “All I want to do is give you the best show I’m capable of giving. If they cut me off remember it and text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell everybody about it. Cause if a n***a cut me off I’m going the f**k crazy!”

And that’s EXACTLY what he did. Peep the clips below.

A video posted by NeNe (@mznene) on


During Trey Songz’s onstage meltdown, an sergeant was hit in the head with a piece of equipment and suffered a concussion.

The singer was arrested and charged with suspicion of resisting and obstructing, as well as malicious destruction of property.

Via Detroit Free City Press:

“He was told his set was over, that he would have to get off the stage,” Detroit Police Officer Dan Donakowski said. “At which time, he became irate and started throwing objects (from) the stage; speakers, microphones, anything he could get his hands on.”

Police approached the stage and “tried to calm” the artist, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, 32, of Petersburg, Va.

“One of our sergeants was struck in the head with an object,” Donakowski said. “He suffered a concussion. He was treated and released at a local hospital.”

Neverson was arrested on suspicion of resisting and obstructing, as well as malicious destruction of property.

Homie needs to settle down before he’s only able to book shows at the Waffle House.


Here’s Trey’s mugshot from his arrest. Dare I say he even takes a great mugshot?


Your thoughts?

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