Moscato Mobbin: Drake Hits Chris Brown With A Bottle In The Club

Drake hits Chris Brown with a bottle


Rihanna’s cake has been causing quite a bit of drama in these Hip Hop streets.

First, there was the subliminal beef between Chris Brown and Drake that sparked off around the time “Marvin’s Room” dropped.

Then, a rumor that Meek Mill had a slice of Rihanna’s cake caused Chris Brown to allegedly removed Meek from a song on his forthcoming album, Fortune.

Welp…everything came to a head last night after Drake and Meek Mill joined Voltron forces and united against Chris Brown in a NY club that ended with Drake throwing a bottle at Chris Brown.

Between 4 and 5am, Drake approached Chris Brown, who was partying with Krouching Tiger and said something to the effect of “What’s up now?!” Words were exchanged and there was a scuffle between Chris, Drake, and their security. That’s when Drake grabbed a bottle, threw it, and yelled “YOLO!” (OK, I added the YOLO part for shizznit and giggles).

Chris Brown’s parting prize was a nasty gash on his chin. Shortly thereafter, Chris jumped on Twitter to post a pic of his injury and vented in a series of temporary tweets (he deleted them a while later).

“How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

Chris also noted that Karrueche recorded the incident on her phone. Clearly indicating she didn’t try to help her man during his time of need.

Meanwhile…back at the ranch, Meek Mill tweeted, “It wasn’t me (Shaggy voice) lol” and kept it moving. Drake’s twitter account has been Silence of the Lambs since the incident occurred.

While all of this was going down Rihanna was on a date with another dude. (I kid..I kid)

Here’s what was left of the club after the melee.


Drake hits Chris Brown with a bottle

Can’t we all just get along?