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Mo’Nique Details Phone Call From Tyler Perry: ‘He Started Talking Like He Was A Billionaire’ (Video)

Mo’Nique reveals Tyler Perry reached out to her after seeing her podcast and details their convo. Get the scoop and see video.

Mo'Nique Details Phone Call From Tyler Perry

Mo’Nique Details A Phone Call From Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry reached out to Mo’Nique after she blasted him, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey during her stand-up show at the Apollo Theater.

Mo’Nique, in her usual fashion, discussed the telephone call during a recent show, where she said at one point she told Tyler to put Madea on the phone because he wasn’t keeping it real.

Mo explained:

I said, ‘Yo, we want to thank you for calling cause most n***as won’t call. Oprah and Lee ain’t called yet. Cause them muthaf**kas know we gotta have a conversation.’

But, Tyler Perry called up and when he called up he said, ‘I watched your podcast and I saw your pain.’

I said, ’N***a, that’s not pain – that’s called honesty. Don’t get it confused.’

Then, he wanted to started talking to me and my husband like he was a billionaire.

I said, N***a, we don’t give a f**k about your money. Let’s start talking one to one and let’s start talking some real sh*t!’

Watch below as Mo’Nique spills tea. (Warning: Strong language)

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