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Mona Scott-Young Wants Hazel E Fired From ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’, Hazel Says She Quit & Threatens To Sue

Mona Scott-Young wants Hazel E fired from “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Hazel says she already quit and may take legal action.

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Mona Scott-Young Wants Hazel E Fired

Loose lips sink ships and Hazel E may result in her losing her “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” gig.

According to TMZ, Mona Scott-Young wants Hazel fired for homophobic remarks she and her boo, Rose Burgandy, made on social media that caused a firestorm of controversy.

Sources close to the ‘LHHH’ executive producer tell TMZ … she made it clear with VH1 she expects Hazel to get booted from the show for saying gays should burn in hell, but contrary to popular belief … Mona doesn’t get final say on personnel decisions.

Our sources say it’s not just the homophobic rant that pissed her off … Hazel’s negative remarks about women of color have disgusted her as well.

We’re told Mona’s production company is not the only one involved with ‘LHHH’ so Hazel’s fate will be a group decision — but she’s pressing the network hard to 86 her.

Hazel E tried to do damage control by releasing a video apologizing for her actions.


Hazel was already skating on thin ice after she showed out at the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion show.

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