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Masika Kalysha Says VH1 ‘Punished’ Her For Refusing To Film With Alexis Skyy On ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’

Masika Kalysha caught a case of Twitter fingers last week to let her fans know what’s really going down with “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha’s Tweets About Filming With Alexis Skyy

No this hoe came on MY show to get famous offa me. F**K OUTTA HERE. In real life she HAS NOTHING TO SAY TO ME she wants a scene to be SEEN

I REFUSE to film with my childs fathers old whores. I choose being a amazing mother over being a ratchet b**ch to help a hoe get famous at..

the expense of my family and my sanity. Period. You’re not going to allow someone to degrade me and stalk me and harass me all fkn season…

& actually think that I’m going to film with this psychopathic fame whore stalker like a good little show monkey. Survive w/out saying my in every scene. THEN vh1 decides to take me off the cast photo as a “punishment” b/c I’m trying to hold on to some integrity on TV

You can’t scare someone who has no fear. My ONLY fear in life was having a daughter. God blessed me with 1 and now I ain’t scared of SH*T

There’s so much I don’t speak on & about my situation w/ my daughter & her father because my daughters protection is more important than…

Me telling the truth & clearing my name. I have to set an example for HER. I’m far from perfect but I’m perfect to her & I’m not going to

Allow anyone or anybody to change that. But let’s be clear I’m not going to allow a b**ch w/ no nightstands to call me a 1 nightstand! Ha!

I’ve never in my life had a 1 nightstand & trying to convince the world of this lie to make u feel better AINT gonna make u look any better

I’ve been on the biggest rollercoaster ride of my life over the past 2 & a half years & I’m damn proud of the woman & mother I’ve become

I love & appreciate all of my supporters everyone who’s ever listening to my songs or purchased @KBBCosmetics or just simply follows me…

So many of you tell me that I motivate u. But u guys truly motivate me to keep going & to continue what I’m doing 4 the reasons I’m doing it.

Should Masika Kalysha be obligated to film with Alexis Skyy because she’s a cast member?

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