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Mark Wahlberg Named Most OVERPAID Actor Of 2017

Mark Wahlberg, who earned $68 million this year, has been named most overpaid actor of 2017. Get the scoop.

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Mark Walhberg Most Overpaid Actor Of The Year

Forbes has named Mark Wahlberg as their most overpaid actor of 2017.

The Hollywood hunk made $68 million this year, but the films he starred in didn’t fare as well in the theaters.

Via Forbes:

Thanks to a string of box office disappointments, Wahlberg is this year’s most overpaid actor: His three wide releases prior to June 1, 2017, returned just $4.40 at the box office for every $1 he was paid on them.

With disappointments including 2016’s oil spill drama Deepwater Horizon, which barely out-earned its estimated $110 million budget, Wahlberg’s multi-million dollar paydays look mighty expensive. (The more recent Transformers: The Last Knight and Daddy’s Home 2 both hit theaters after our scoring period.)

It’s not Mark’s fault that the films that paid him bookoo bucks didn’t do well.

Secure the bag, Marky Mark!

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