Man Sues Movie Theater Over Pricey Snacks

Man sues AMC Theater over pricey snacks


Yasssss! Finally, someone has taken a stand against getting financially raped at that concession stands of movie theaters. Joshua Thompson of Livonia, Michigan, used to smuggle his own goodies into the theater until they put up a sign prohibiting moviegoers from doing so. That’s he he got fed up and filed a class action suit against his local AMC Theater for overpricing their snacks.

The lawsuit also provides some blunt price comparison, saying Thompson paid $8 for a Coke and box of Goobers chocolate-covered peanuts at the theater in December, three times what the items were being sold for at nearby stores. The Free Press notes that the lawsuit will likely be thrown out, quoting legal experts who say that because movie theaters are regulated, they are exempt from Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act.

I still salute Joshua for trying to fight back!



  • Up4Dsn

    Finally someone is standing up against that madness!

    Those prices are ridiculous. That’s why I just eat before going to the movies. At the same time it sucks to have to shell out $20 just to enjoy some popcorn and pop.

    • A$AP Xavi

      Right! But, the kicker is when you get in the theater the smell of the popcorn starts dougie’n in your nostrils and you end up giving in. LOL