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Fake Doctor Malachi Love Robinson Is Headed To Real Jail

Doctor Malachi Love-Robinson Offered Plea Deal

Fake Doctor Sentenced To Real Jail

Malachi Love Robinson, the Florida teen, who pretended to be a doctor, is heading to prison for 3 years after pleading guilty to multiple felony charges.

Via Sun Sentinel:

Malachi Love-Robinson was 17 when he first posed as a doctor in South Florida, watching at least one gynecological exam. Three years later, he is trading his white lab coat for blue jail scrubs.

Love-Robinson, now 20, was facing 14 criminal charges when on Thursday he admitted the con and agreed to a 3 1/2-year prison term with credit for 16 months already served. He must repay his victims $80,000 when he gets out, although he won’t be on probation.

He was facing up to 90 years for his propensity to masquerade as a doctor in West Palm Beach. His ruse made national headlines as authorities unraveled a trail of deceit that included fraudulent diplomas and a real stethoscope.

His plea deal ends a criminal saga that included trouble in northern Virginia — he pleaded guilty last year on fraud counts not involving medicine and served a year behind bars up there.

Welp. Adios amigo!

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