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Luenell Asks Netflix For A Stand-Up Comedy Special: ‘I’m A Sure Thing Baby!’

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While Mo’Nique continues her campaign against Netflix for lowballing her, Luenell is shooting her shot for her own stand-up comedy special.

The comedian and actress took to social media and boldly asked Netflix to take a chance on her because she’s “a SURE thing!”


A post shared by Luenell Campbell (@luenell) on


No shade at All but……Hey @netflix why not take a chance on me! Actually, you wouldn’t be taking a chance at All because humbly…I’m a Sure THING baby! You may not know me but u Should! You don’t have to take my word for it just ask my followers what They think. I’m Long overdue for a “break”! Get ur research team on it and lets take a meeting! C’mon gang, help me Out??????

#repost #paidmydues #workingmom #ainttoproudtabeg #illcrushthatshit #badgirl #wakeup #blackgirlsrock #femalecomicsrule #dontshuttheblackgirldoor #letsgo #makecomedyfunagain

Luenell is such a great comic and she’s currently working on the “Roseanne” reboot.

She deserves this shot and I hope Netflix answers the call.

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