FULL SCOOP & PICS: Ludacris Fathers A Child Outside Of His Relationship With Eudoxie

Ludacris - Tamika Fuller - Cai Bella Bridges



Looks like Dwyane Wade wasn’t the only person who brought home a new baby after a “break” with his boo.

Rapper and actor Ludacris fathered a baby girl with an old friend from high school while he and his girlfriend, Eudoxie were allegedly on a break. (Sounds familiar right?)

There were whispers about Ludacris knocking up a side chick in the streets of Atlanta for a while, but now the proof is here. Tamika Fuller gave birth to Cai Bella Bridges on December 9 and Ludacris has admitted he is indeed the father.

Now that Cai is here, the “Fast & Furious” star has filed legal documents to prohibit Tamika Fuller for cashing out on her bundle of joy.

Ludacris, born Chris Bridges, claims his monthly income is about $25,842.41. According to Georgia law that would require him to only pay $1,754.66 a month in support.

Forbes lists Ludacris as making $12 million, but he’s trying to tell a judge he makes $300,000 annually to avoid hefty child support payments? Somebody lyin.

Just like Gabrielle Union, Eudoxie is standing by her man. The former med school student, who dropped out after she began dating the rapper, recently vacationed with Ludacris, Kevin Hart, and his boo Eniko in Anguilla.

Ludacris posted the photo below with the caption, “Looking forward to 2014 more than ever knowin that I have a good woman who has my back.” Looks like she should have had your front too, Luda.


Ludacris and Eudoxie in Anguilla



As a consolation prize for her dedication (and embarrassment) Ludacris gave Eudoxie diamonds to ease her pain. Check out her flooded new gift below.


Ludacris Eudoxie diamond bracelet



The couple partied on New Year’s Eve like they didn’t have a care in the world.


Ludacris - Eudoxie New Year's Eve


Meanwhile, all of Tamika Fuller‘s attention is on her new baby girl she affectionately refers to as “Tink.”


Tamika Fuller


Apparently, Tamika is an entertainment business professional and she and Luda have known each other since high school. How or why Ludacris ended up in her splash waterfalls is for Eudoxie to worry about.

Here are two photos of Tamika at her baby shower. Clearly, she ain’t got no worries.


Tamika Fuller - Ludacris


Tamika Fuller baby shower - Ludacris


It will be interesting to see how this child support case goes.

Cai is Ludacris second daughter. He has 11-year-old Karma from a previous relationship.