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LORDT! Did You See What Happened When Sky Tried To Hug Rah Ali At Diddy’s NYE Party?! (Video)

Rah Ali - Sky fight

Rah Ali vs. Sky

Apparently it’s still on sight when it comes to Rah Ali and Sky!

Rumors have been circulating about an alleged altercation between the VH1 reality TV stars at Diddy‘s New Year’s Eve party.

Now, video has surfaced of the moment the ladies crossed paths on the red carpet and Sky fell for the ole “Hey girl! Gimme A Hug” trick.

Watch below.


Sky should have known better when Rah stepped out of her heels.🤷🏾‍♀️

What’s most sad is the fact that grown women can’t even put their beef on pause for a black tie event. But, I don’t knock Sky for defending herself.

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