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Lance Gross Nails The #TyreseChallenge & It’s Absolutely Hilarious! (Video)

Watch as Lance Gross joins the #TyreseChallenge and knocks it out of the park!

Lance Gross

If you follow Tyrese on social media, you are very familiar with his inspirational videos laced with a good word and a whole lot of stunting.

Exhibit A:

Every sniff of her neck, was like listening to Stevie sings Ribbon in the sky, every kiss of her lips felt like a heartbeat, every conversation felt like she would be the last women I would ever talk to, every walk on the beach felt like poetry, every look in her eyes felt like these will be the last eyes I stare this deeply into for the rest of my life…… When the foundation of WHAT you're trying to build is built privately and intimately without anyone rooting for you big God it all feels real, it all feels organic, it all feels natural….::: I've asked God to send me a new heartbeat and she showed up……….. #HateToLeaveTurks but I have to get home cause history waits on no one……….. I hope and pray that you're able to feel this feeling at least once in your lifetime……. #TyreseVoltronChairmanGibson headed home……. Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comedian Deon Cole kicked off the #TyreseChallenge on Instagram, where the only requirement is to “be sincere” as you talk about anything.

Lance Gross stepped up to the challenged and knocked it out of the park!

Watch the hilarious videos below.


New Girl” star Lamorne Morris nailed it too!


Believe in yourself! #TyreseChallenge #DeonCole @tyrese @deoncole #lilRel

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See more Tyrese Challenge videos here.

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